Rob Sissi
HOME Blaine, MN
SKATE Too many
SPONSORS No "real" sponsors, BUT I get boards from Girl, wheels from Satori, clothing from UXA and of course shoes from Nike
SETUP Gino or Caroll deck, Indy's and 50mm Satori's
TRICK B/S 360 Ollie (ya'll thought I was going to say heelflip varial, didn't you)
SKATE WITH Turkey, R Damian, Dolo, Zed, Nesser, CJ and whoever's down to roll
MUSIC Hip-Hop, but nothing after 1997
WORK Typically from my house slangin shoes
ANIMAL Wildebeest
ALCOHOL Kiddy Cocktail
HOBBIES Golf and raising my daughter
MINNESOTA Minnesota and Skateboarding, both are some of the best things in life
SHOUT OUTS My wife and daughter, family and friends. Sam @ Girl, Craig @ Satori, Peter @ UXA and all the fools I work with.
Rob Sissi
Dave Chappelle and Rob Sissi. Click to enlarge.

Rob Sissi
Steve Nesser and Rob Sissi. Photo by Dom.